Black Velvet Mulch

Black Velvet Mulch


Black Velvet mulch is a color-enhanced mulch boasting a dark black color. Don’t worry about the dyes; they are vegetable based and FDA approved. This mulch is made from hardwoods that are double ground for increased moisture retention properties. Use this mulch in beds and around trees and shrubs to help conserve water and control erosion.

Available in bulk or bagged.

Need a quick guide to mulch coverage?
Bulk Mulch will cover ~100 square feet per cubic yard at 3″ deep.
Bagged Mulch is usually ~2 cubic feet per bag and will cover ~7 square feet at 3″ deep.
Bagged Mulch comes 70 bags per pallet which is equal to ~5 yards of Bulk Mulch.

Check out our materials calculator if you’re unsure of your calculations.